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Love is beautiful


Love is beautiful.  That’s an understatement.  Just take a look at love.  A married

couple.  Mother and child.  Friends. When you witness an expression of love you

can’t help but feel good and smile inside.

Go love somebody!

Happy Birthday Beatrice!

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Happy birthday to my friend, co-worker, and fellow Brown University alumna, Beatrice!  I enjoy getting to interact with you in so many arenas.  Thanks  for your kindness, intelligence, and for being one of my blog subscribers!  I appreciate it!  Thanks also for turning me on to so many fun things: Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, book club and nameless others!

Enjoy your day!

The palpability of handwritten letters


Why do handwritten letters mean so much more than emails?  Is it because you are actually touching the thing your friend touched?  Is it because it took more effort than just typing and pressing send?  Is it because it’s historical and old?  Why?


Amy’s Card: Go Pink! Fight Breast Cancer!

Pink Swirl Paper Shopping Bags

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Pink In Honor Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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This post is about a few things: a mini-tribute to my friend Amy, celebrating the color pink, fighting breast cancer and making cards.  I love making cards.  There are so many things I enjoy doing: being creative, giving, bringing a smile to someone’s face, laughing and making others laugh.  I especially love combining two or more things I love.  Like being creative while giving – it’s like two little girls who are friends walking hand-in-hand. Making cards falls into that category.

My friend Amy is fighting breast cancer.  I say fighting and I mean fighting because she is a fighter!  She is beautiful, strong, loving and full of life and she wants to keep on being and doing those things.  She is a very kind and giving person and I think she wonders sometimes how her family and friends can give so much to her.  It’s really quite simple.  The more love you give, the more you get.  And Amy is an extremely loving and giving person.  I’m not saying that you give in order to get.  But the love you send out into the world is a boomerang.  It comes right back and hits you.  In a loving way.  🙂

I had so much fun making this card.  I started with a thick piece of cardboard I found around the house.  Next I added lots of clippings from magazines and old greeting cards.  One thing I did differently this time and was nervous about is that I started with the small things then added big.  It worked out ok but I wouldn’t do it again.  I think it is easier to paste on the larger images and text first then fill the small spaces.  I used glitter, glue, yarn, pop up stickers (including rhinestones and small, hard, plastic flowers) and regular stickers.  

I’m glad I took a picture before I sent it.  Making art is a bit like pregnancy and birth: when it’s done, it’s one of my children.  Hope you like it!  May God bless and protect all of us affected by breast cancer and help us to find a cure soon.  Amen!

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