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Give the gift of birthdays

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Are you the keeper of birthdays in your family? If so, a thoughtful and useful gift is to give calendars to family members with family birthdays written in. You can get fancy and make one on Shutterfly or you can get out a pen and write them in.  Start with a cute calendar the person will like.  Get out your birthday book.  Write in the birthdays (and anniversaries) for each month.  Another idea is to glue pictures of the birthday person instead of writing in their name.

This is one of the Christmas gifts I give to my brother and his family every year. They get a calendar for the new year and they have an easy way to remember birthdays.

Getting ready for Christmas: Wrapping


I am starting to wrap gifts to send and put under the tree.  I appreciate all the ideas for simply beautiful ways to wrap presents.

Homemade Things

I’m the kind of person that would choose homemade over store-bought any day.  I like shopping and stores as much as the next girl but you can’t beat the homemade touch.  This Christmas I’m thankful for several homemade things I have received:

Christmas Ornaments: I received a handmade Christmas ornament from a friend.  It is so beautiful.  It is a bird and cage with glistening drops.  Describing it doesn’t do it justice and I’m afraid, neither does my photo.  But here it is hanging on my tree.  I treasure it now and will for many years to come.


Christmas Cards: The same friend who made me the ornament, also gave me about 10 handmade Christmas cards. I know, she’s a keeper!  🙂  The cards are very beautful.  I’ve used most of them, but here is one for you to see.   


 She is a very creative and talented person and I love her work!  You can see more of it on her blog Kittenz Cradle.

Christmas Cookies: Homemade cookies are the best.  They taste better and I love how unique they look.  What they lack in perfection and uniformity they make up for with freshness, flavor and authenticity!  Please see my last post on the cookie exchange!

Christmas wrapping and packing: Last night I received a package from my sister-in-law.  This is what I wrote to her:

We got the package. So exciting. There are so many things I like about it:

1. The exterior brown box was wrapped in white paper. I like that!
2. The presents were wrapped so creatively with unique wrappings: brown paper, raffia, netting, cool ribbons
3. Loved the pictures as nametags
4. When we emptied the box the cats jumped in. They are enjoying the box now
5. I love that the gifts are from you guys. In the same way that homemade cookies taste better and look more interesting than store-bought, it’s the same with gifts. Gifts bought and hand-wrapped are more cozy and interesting than a gift shipped by LL Bean. 

Cherish the handmade things you receive this Christmas.  And cherish the people who made them for you!  Merry Christmas!