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I’m loving my new book: Ravenous: A food lover’s journey from obsession to freedom by Dayna Macy.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Salt, grease, tasteless pulp in my mouth,” he says, koan-like. “I can never eat

enough corn chips to be satisfied because there’s no there there. And if I

wasn’t paying attention, I’d keep eating them to try to get what isn’t there.

“Compare this to an orange,” he says, “which is sweet and tastes like sunshine.

When you taste something, don’t only let your mouth respond. Let your heart

respond. There’s a lot of food in this world that doesn’t have much to offer

your heart.”

Wishing you sunshine in your stomach, in your heart, and in your world!  🙂

Want less. Be happier.

Frugality is the New Cool: My C$17 sneakers fr...

Frugality is the New Cool: My C$17 sneakers from Walmart (Photo credit: fortinbras)

I am focusing on wants and needs.  Before I buy anything I am asking myself “Do I need this or want it?”  If I don’t need it I really shouldn’t be buying it.  I am trying to reduce my thumbprint on the earth and on my pocketbook!

Another thing that helps is gratitude.  Be thankful all day for what you have!