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New Year’s Hope & Resolutions

I am pretty lukewarm on New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe I’m cynical.  They don’t lead anywhere.  On the other hand, it is  good to have a plan.  Here are my loose ideas:

1. Clean the house more regularly: I am a tidier, which is good, but I need to actually clean from time to time.  I like things clean, I just don’t always do it.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, remember? 🙂

2. Don’t waste so much time on the computer: that includes blogging, Pinterest, and Facebook.  I spent way too much time doing these things in 2012 and it didn’t exactly make me a better person.  It’s okay to do mindless stuff, just not hours upon hours of it.

3. Always leave them wanting more: more food, more talking, more ideas, more Facebook posts.  I have a tendency to over do it.  I talk so much no one is ever left wanting more.  Something to ponder.

4. Eat better: I know I love to eat, and I know I cook pretty well.  Enough.  Eat less.  Eat healthier.  Simple.

5. Worry less, pray more:  I say this every year.  Time to do it.  I say most of these things every year but I do believe I’m getting somewhere and that leads me to my last resolution:

6. Be hopeful!

Happy New Year!

Vision Boards, Inspiration Boards and Pinterest

So, do you Pinterest?  I started a few months ago.  The first time I went on I was confused and overwhelmed and quickly left the site.  But I couldn’t stop myself from returning.  For one, I started seeing and hearing about Pinterest every where I turned.  Two, I fell in love with all the images.  I am a very visual person.

I’ve always loved having a bulletin board.  I post cards, pretty things, pictures.  It is an aesthetic board not a practical one.  You won’t see to do lists on mine.

I’ve made vision boards before.  Cutting things from magazines that I want or strive to be.  My Pinterest boards are purely to inspire me or are simply things I like to look at.

How about you?  Have you discovered Pinterest?