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The house that never sleeps

He often sleeps in weird positions looking as ...

He often sleeps in weird positions looking as though he had been chucked there. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our house is never totally asleep.  My son works late and doesn’t get home until 11 pm or 12 am.  He then stays up to 3 or 4 writing raps and playing video games.  My husband has insomnia every few nights and is up between 1-3, 2-4, or 3 to 5.  I get up between 5 and 5:30 am.  The other night I woke up at 3.  My husband had been up from 12-2 and had just fallen asleep.  My son was in the basement working out.  Our cats were running around.  There are times between 4 and 5 when everyone is sleeping.  Except the nocturnal cats.  But many nights our house never sleeps.

14 Ways to Be A Natural Beauty

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1. Understand that beauty comes from within.

We’ve all heard the phrase “beauty’s only skin deep.”  I’m sure you’ve all met people who look beautiful but their personality or mean nature make them look ugly to you.  Conversely, there are those that appear to be unattractive  but become beautiful because of their hearts of gold. 

When you think of beautiful people who comes to mind?  Is it Angelina Jolie or Mother Teresa?  Maybe both. But be clear, true beauty comes from within. Physical beauty is also a gift from God but I would argue that it is a lesser gift and a more superficial one. There is nothing wrong with it, it just shouldn’t be obsessed over the way it is in our culture.  Money is not bad, but the love of money, or greed is. In the same way, physical beauty is not bad, but the love of physical beauty is a type of idolatry, whether it is idolizing the physically beautiful or obsessing over your own physical beauty. 

2. Understand that God made all of us and God don’t make no junk.

God made each one of us in his image.  God doesn’t make mistakes and we are all beautiful in His eyes.  I don’t know about you but there is no one else I’d rather please or be beautiful to.  

3. Be kind.

Kindness is beautiful.  There is nothing more gorgeous than witnessing an act of kindness in the world. 

4. Smile.

A lot.  Smiling is contagious and makes every face more beautiful. 

5. Focus on what you like about yourself.

When you feel good about yourself, you shine a little brighter.  That is beautiful.

6. Eat healthy foods.

Put good things in your body and that healthy glow will show.

7. Drink lots of water.

Being hydrated will not only make you feel better, you will look better.

8. Get adequate sleep for you.

They say you need 8 hours.  I say you need whatever you need.  Some of us don’t need as much.  I know people who do fine on 5 or 6 hours.  I am one of those people who really needs 8 – 9 hours a night.  I can’t say I get that but I need it!

9. Exercise.

Exercise is good for your body and keeps you limber and strong.  You will feel better and look better.  Do something you love because you will do it more often.  I like walking, dancing, yoga and swimming.  

10. Get a little sun (but not too much).

We all need a little sunshine.  You actually get vitamins from the sun!  Vitamin D.  It makes you feel happier.  But use sunscreen and don’t stay in the sun too long! 

11. Get some fresh air.

There is nothing like breathing in fresh air.  Try to spend a little time outside no matter the weather.  That’s right – still go out even of it’s raining, snowing, and cold.  Being outside will make you breathe deeper, get more oxygen in, and make your cheeks rosy! 

12. Accept the aging process and age gracefully.

We weren’t meant to stay 20 years old our whole lives.  Embrace your beauty at 50, 70, 90!  You are never too old to be beautiful!

13. Be the best you can be.

I should say, be the best you that you can be.  If you are Laura, be the best Laura you can be.  Not the best Sally, Jane, or Amber.  Accept who you are – your height, your build, your nose.  And make it work for you!  Don’t envy others or compare yourself to them.  If a grapefruit compared itself to a strawberry it might feel ugly. But it tastes just as good – just different.

14. Love yourself – Love others.

Be kind to yourself.  I mean really give yourself a break.  Be your own best friend.  If you do, it will be so much easier to love others. 

I write this as the woman sitting next to me on the train applies makeup. She started about 20 minutes ago and she is still at it!


I just love the snooze button.  This morning I woke up at 4:42, 18 minutes before the 5 am alarm went off.  Although I could have gotten up, I wanted my extra 18 minutes.  It was like they belonged to me.  I fell back asleep and the alarm went off at 5.  I pushed the snooze button because I wanted 10 more minutes and buried myself under the covers again.   I poked my head out and peeked at the clock – 5:07.  All I could think was “Wow. 3 more glorious minutes.”  Is there ever a time when you are more grateful for 1 or 2 extra minutes?  

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