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Sweet tooth


When my son was young, he’d eat all the frosting and leave the cake.  Once I asked him if he was going to finish and he said, “I don’t like the bread.”

Happy Friday!



Source: cakespy.com via Estela on Pinterest


Cakespy is one of my favorite blogs.  It is whimsical, colorful, artistic and all about sweets and fun things.  If you don’t want to smile, please never visit Cakespy.  🙂

Arby’s Jamocha Shakes Are Liquid Evil


Image by Rakka via Flickr

OK – So I wasn’t particularly good diet-wise over the Thanksgiving holidays.  I ate too much.  I ate bad things.  I ate a whole box of Russell Stover’s chocolates.  So when I wandered over to Arby’s, I should have known I was really up to no good.  Let me tell you, Jamocha shakes are sooooo good!  They are just the right combination of chocolate and coffee, two flavors I love.  Mix them together and it is Java Mocha heaven.  Or hell.  🙂