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Sweet potato pie

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I love sweet potato pie.  I always have.  Sweet potato pie, staple dessert in the African-American community.  Sweet potatoes are awesome: baked, french fried, in a casserole with marshmallows, and candied.  But sweet potato pie is the ultimate.


In all things, give thanks.

Here’s a beautiful thanksgiving prayer my dear cousin shared with me:

May God our loving father bless and keep in his mercy all of the members of this family whether at home or away, whether living or at rest.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Have love in your heart and then give it away!

In all things, give thanks. (1 Thes. 5:18)

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The artfulness of pie crusts


Make Up Your Mantel for Thanksgiving!

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I’ve always been enamored with holidays.  And holiday decorations. My favorite new thing to do is to decorate the mantel.  There’s even a blog called 52 Mantels!  We don’t actually have a mantel so I decorate our buffet.  I like how it makes my decorating efforts compact and concentrated.  That way you don’t need to have, or store, tons of stuff!

A few tips for decorating your mantel:

1) Use what you have. You probably already have a supply of holiday decorations.  This is a good starting point.  I have always decorated for Halloween but not for Thanksgiving. Although the jack-o-lanterns didn’t seem right, the paper mache pumpkin my son made in Kindergarten was perfect.  So was the scarecrow.  Also, look for thing that are just lying around.  I went searching for things that were orange and brown and found two soup bowls in the kitchen cabinet in those colors hat even had turkeys on them.  Who knew!

2) Add seasonal flowers or plants.  For Christmas there are poinsettias, pine wreaths, and holly. For Valentine’s Day, roses.  I also choose plants and flowers for their colors.  For example, red roses are great for Valentine’s Day but they could work for Christmas and the 4th of July.  I plan to use the pumpkin on the porch and fill it with flowers for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Nice idea from Inspiring Pretty.


3) Use free printables.  I love free printables!  They are free!  I found the idea and free template for my Give Thanks Banner from At Second Street. Speaking of giving thanks, thanks Kalleen At Second Street!

4) Subway art. These are those cute prints that you can just frame for instant decoration.  Simple Crafter has some great ones.  They are also all over Pinterest.


5) Make it your own.  Decorate in your own style.  Add family pictures.  You can get ideas from other people but always own it!

6) Keep it fresh.  You don’t have to use every single item every single time.  Change it up and don’t over do it.

Happy decorating!

Apple pie and cookbooks

My sister-in-law is trying out baking and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’m not sure she enjoys baking as much as I do.  I guess you either love it or you don’t.


For Thanksgiving, she may be baking an apple pie.  Have you ever heard the expression “Easy as apple pie?”  Apple pie is supposed to be easy.  If you cheat and buy a pre-made pie crust, like I do, that’s half the battle.  Unfortunately store-bought tastes better than my crust!  😦


I do recommend using fresh apples though, not canned, because it will taste better.  And it’s pretty easy to chop up apples.


I sent her 2 recipes for apple pie (Alton Brown and the Pioneer Woman).  I usually read a couple of recipes first and decide which appeals to me the most: ingredients, process, how long it takes, etc.


Once I decide on which to use, I read it again carefully to make sure I have all the equipment, ingredients, etc. Then I buy everything I need and try it out.


People that are into cooking often read cookbooks the way others read novels.  I love reading cookbooks.  There’s nothing like curling up with a great cookbook to drool over pictures, learn cooking techniques, and find good recipes and ideas.


Guten appetit! (German)
Enjoy your meal! (English)
Buen provecho! (Spanish)
Bon appetit! (French)



Developing a Gratitude Practice


It’s funny how things work out.  I had a draft of this post.  Two days ago my cousin started posting on Facebook about thankfulness.  Each day of November she plans to post about something she is thankful for.  Also, the Thanksgiving holiday falls at the end of the month.

I make an effort to be grateful for many reasons.  Because I should.  Because I am grateful.  Because being grateful makes me feel good.

One of the ways I practice gratitude is by thanking others for things they have done for me.  Today I was in the Memphis airport and bought a salad.  It was so good, I almost left my seat at my gate and walked back to the restaurant to thank the person who made it for me.

I always keep a supply of thank you cards at the ready.  Take the time to tell the person you appreciated what they did.  Mention specifically what they did.  Tell them how you are using the gift or what their deed meant to you and why.  I don’t think you can thank people too much.  No good deed is too small to thank someone.  Although it can be hard to be thanked, people appreciate being thanked.  I know I do.

Try to have a spirit of gratitude for things big and small. Thank others for what they have done for you.  Appreciate!

Pumpkin Bread Pudding


It turns out that Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for Pumpkin Bread Pudding.  It doesn’t use Pumpkin Bread though.  It uses crusty bread, as usual, and adds pumpkin puree.  Sounds like it would be great for Thanksgiving.  Or just any regular October Friday night.  🙂  I think my son will like this.