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Wanting to stop being a Yo-Yo


I have struggled with my weight throughout my life.  In a word: yo-yo.  I can lose weight but I gain it back.  I’ve tried all kinds of diets, starting with the crazy diets I tried in my teens like the grapefruit diet and the lollipop diet. Yes, you guess it – all you eat is lollipops.  Healthy, huh?

I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, tried Paleo, counting calories, Atkins, and SlimFast.  I haven’t tried everything but I’ve done a serious sample.  What works for me and what I keep returning to is Weight Watchers.  Why do I leave it?  Because it keeps me accountable, makes me exercise control and doesn’t allow me to eat whatever I want all day long. That’s why I like it.  And that’s why I hate it.

I realize that I may just have to do Weight Watchers for the rest of my life if I want  to keep my weight down.  Is that such a bad thing?  No!  When I’m on it I feel calmer, eat better and I am in control.  So, here goes…

100 calorie snack packs

What a great idea!  I’m going to make some!  A bunch for the fridge and a bunch for the pantry.  OK, not too many bunches!  🙂

I have been counting calories lately to get a handle on how much I’m eating and how much I should be eating.  I eat healthy generally but I’ve been eating too much.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!  Enjoy!

Source: parents.com via Karyl on Pinterest

7 Tips for a Flat Belly

  1. Don’t eat like a pig.
  2. Don’t have that second piece of cake.
  3. Perhaps half a jar of chocolate peanut butter is not the best snack.
  4. How many of those potato chips are you going to eat?
  5. Exercising once a month is not enough.
  6. What do you mean I can’t eat the entire pan of brownies?
  7. No desserts after every meal.


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